Case Study: $15,000 in One Day

Marketing legend, Gary Bencivenga, says that every successful marketing piece needs four things… 1. Urgent Problem 2. Unique Promise 3. User-Friendly Proposition 4. Unquestionable Proof Let’s look at MTTB in the light of Gary B’s “4P” Equation… 1. The first one only you can answer. Do you have an urgent problem to make more money?…

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Act now

Do You Have a Bias for Action?

I was poking around on MattLloyd.TV the other day, listening to some in-depth coaching sessions Matt has done with a few of his MTTB members. And I heard Matt gives some advice that really floored me. Matt was telling how he’d helped another member put together and a webinar to generate traffic and sales for…

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high end

Why You Must Sell High Priced Products

Traffic, conversion, and economics are the Big Three steps to a successful business. Today, let’s look at economics because I think it’s the most overlooked of the Big Three. Economics really boils down to extracting more money from every customer over the “lifetime” of that customer. There are many ways to accomplish this. You could…

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What’s More Important than Goals?

There are only about 5 weeks left in 2014. Did you make New Year’s Resolutions back in January? If you did, then, with only about 40 days left in the year, it’s time to ask, “How did you do?” If you’re like most people, you made several resolutions, gave up on most of them by…

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If You Think You Can’t Afford an Assistant…

In my last blog I told you about the four, income-maximizing activities you should spend your “free time” on. And I also told you about the best way to apply 80/20 and get the free time you need to spend on those “power activities”… ==> Click HERE To Access The MTTB System And, here’s Step…

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The Best Use of Your “Free Time”

Last time I warned you about the dangers of applying the 80/20 Principle. I told you how some entrepreneurs simply are not equipped, mentally or emotionally, to handle the free time that outsourcing, eliminating, delegating, and other 80/20 applications make available to them. And I promised to tell you how to maximize your newfound “free…

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Warning: You May Not Be Ready for Benefit from 80/20

You know that the 80/20 Principle is an almost-universal law of business. You know that 20% of the tasks you perform, produce 80% of the benefits you receive. And you know that you should be ruthlessly eliminating as many of those unproductive “80%” as you possibly can. You do know that, don’t you? OK. But…

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Ready, Fire, Aim Part 2

You’re going to fail. How do you feel when you read that sentence? A lot of wanna-be entrepreneurs read that sentence and their heart thumps faster. Their brow starts to glisten with sweat. Their face flushes. They get afraid. And so they never start. Or they over analyze, question, delay, and hesitate until the opportunity…or…

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Ready, Fire, Aim

Legendary direct response copywriter, Gary Halbert, once said, “Writing does get easier. However, starting to write does not.” What he meant was that, as he matured and developed his writing chops, the actual work of writing got easier. That makes sense. But what never got easier was the starting. Overcoming procrastination. Just sitting down at…

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Are you DIY or DFY?

Can you finish this old saying? If you want something done right… We all know that the final words are “do it yourself”. Supposedly, the first one to utter this saying was Charles-Guillaume Etienne, a 19th Century French dramatist. Since then, it’s been regurgitated by gurus, parents, coaches, and anyone preaching self-reliance and rugged self-reliance.…

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