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The Death Of SEO?

The Death Of SEO?

Posted By on May 4, 2012

search engine optimizationGoogle Panda, now another update called Google Penguin. With their chain of updates does this mean the death of SEO? That’s what we’ll be discussing on this post and how to adopt in this changing environment that is Online Marketing.

When Google released the Panda update a lot of website owners have been massively impacted, due to the loss of backlinks and some even getting deindexed from Google’s search engine. Owner’s who were building there ranks through the massive blog network BuildMyRank suffered penalties in terms of lost backlinks and being pushed down by Google.



Now just recently, they released an update called penguin and I didn’t really noticce until a friend of mine showed me his traffic stats and how it went from 740 visits a day to zilch.

Some Webmasters were now shouting “OMG! I need a get a real job!”, “The sky is falling!” , “It’s the end of the world!”.. While others were cool and collected trying to see how they have been impacted by the update and which aspects of their site building caused it.

I was neither as I’ve been a SEO bum for the last couple of months, focusing more on paid media (but that’s a discussion for another day 8-) )

Is this the Death of Search Engine Optimization?

The answer is no. The internet is still the same, people are on it for their reasons and business owners will always want to have exposure for their products. And as long as people keep using search engines for the answers to their questions, Search Engine Optimization will continue to exist. So why the updates? Like any software, Google had to adapt its algorithms to provide the end-user with highly relevant results. Because inevitably, some webmasters implement methods that is focused on Google’s robots than the end-user. Such as content that can hardly be read a.k.a web spam.

So how do we adapt to the recent chain of changes (a.k.a. not be attacked by cute furry animals)?

The penguin update and my friend’s stats made me realize that just like paid media, the traffic coming from sources like Google can be turned off. That made me realize there has to be a balance between time-investment traffic sources like SEO and paid media to thrive in this dynamic arena.


In terms of link building, webmasters have to start thinking differently. Instead of trying to outsmart Google and searching for a new “exploit” on getting to rank higher in the SERP’s, they should now focused on how to build good organic backlinks and that comes with good, quality content and none of the drivel of improper software generated articles..


Link profiles have to be re-evaluated. The golden rules has always been to consider quality over quantity.
And in search engine optimization, this where pyramids is not a scam.

Do we use blog networks? Although the death of BuildMyRank was catastrophic, this does not mean blog networks are taboo.. One has to carefully evaluate the blog network before joining in. Ask yourself questions like, how do they get blogs into their network for posting. BuildMyRank’s error was on that its traces linked ownership all of the blogs in their network to one entity. This made it to the eyes of Google as a blatant attempt to manipulate search engine results. (Google does not like losing power, especially to a private blog network)

Be social. Think of the end-user rather than the Google bots and even if you are optimizing your content for the search engines, Good quality content is still king. No panda or happy feet penguins can stomp on that.

That’s it for today, Happy Optimizing Guys and Gals!

Tristan “Loves Panda’s and Penguins” Azcona

P.S. Also check out my article on the perfect lifestyle here! Much Appreciated!  :-D


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Hey Guys,

Ever wondered about your lifestyle? Does your “work” allow you to spend time with the people that matters most to you?
See, I am asking these questions because of a heart warming email I received from my “mom” in the internet marketing side
of my life, Andrea Goodsaid.

Her email is below:

Sometimes it's the little things that take your breath
away and make living this amazing e-lifestyle really
take shape in the reality zone.
In fact it's usually the little things that make this 
lifestyle the most worth it for me.
Yesterday Claire died.
"Oh Morgan I think Claire has left us" I said 
as soon as I found her.
OMGosh the instant devastation that crossed her face 
... and the wailing....
But a totally impromptu trip to Lowes was the 
salve that soothed the sadness away.
I know .. I know ... say what??
It was heart breaking - the tears Morgan had were real 
and so heartfelt. She's such a deep kid - how was I
ever going to be able to console her?
I really wasn't sure. But I knew I was just glad to
be with her and be able to help her through her loss.
Before I tell you about Claire and our trip to Lowes
- let me tell you about Cinnamon.
See I had a first hamster once ... and I still remember 
clearly the day I found her dying. 
My brother and I were latch-key kids growing up in
NYC in the 70's ... my parents had divorced when I was 5
and we were basically on our own every day till about 
7pm when Mom would get home.
Then it was cook, spend an hour or so together,
head to bed and get up early to rinse and repeat.
So I had to call my mother at work.
In fact I remember spending a lot of time growing up on the 
phone with my Mom while she was at work.
Thank goodness she could take calls 'cause this was 
a biggie for me ... 
Cinnamon, my Brown Teddy Bear Hamster was dying. 
And she wasn't going peacefully - the way Claire did.
She was convulsing and obviously in pain and all 
I could do was cry on the phone to my Mom while 
we tried to think of ways to make her comfortable.
My fuzzy little friend... 
All she had was me and my younger brother. 
My Mom should have been able to leave work and 
come home. 
But she really couldn't.
Wasn't her fault - she was taking care of us the best she 
knew how and the way she knew how was as a graphic 
artist for a text book design company. 
It was hands on work she had to be there.
And every single day of my childhood she traded her time 
for money just to be able to live in a decent neighborhood 
(3 of us in a 1 bedroom apartment - in NYC location trumps 
size) and get us through to the next month.
It worked - I turned out okay :) 
And I grew up basically happy and well-rounded.
But I'm sure that watching my Mom punch a time clock
affected my own path in life (I was a full time jeweler for
years before starting this Internet Marketing and
direct selling adventure... a different sort of time trading
but at least I always got to do things in my own time)
Anyway .. enough of that - back to Claire.
Claire died quietly in her cage overnight while she slept.
She was sleeping a lot by the end... and we'd been calling
her an old lady hamster for weeks 'cause she was rickety 
but still getting around doing her hamster thing.
So it wasn't a super surprise ... 
But when you're 10 these things matter a lot.
Morgan didn't have to be the one in charge.
And I wasn't off at some weekend craft show 
either - actually stopped doing those when she 
came along ... but that's another story.
The leverage that I've built into my life via learning
and implementing direct response marketing has
shifted our life 180 degrees from "regular folks"
Yesterday it was the littlest thing about it - that I could
up and change my schedule on a dime, stop and create 
a tiny casket and head to Lowes for a special paver 
'headstone' for a hamster.
(we had the BEST memory lane conversation about
death and the other pets we've loved and lost and how
we wouldn't trade having known them - even though
it hurts when they're gone - deep stuff like that)
And have my daughter hug me and say - "This trip ... YOU ...
really make me feel better Mom ... thanks."
THAT is the real prize inside.
I'm not trapped by a job with no leverage.
We can bury hamsters or take a long lunch or go on family 
vacations at the drop of a hat. Literally whenever we want.
You can design your life too.
Anyone can do this with a big enough desire.
But it's definitely easier (and way more fun) when you 
have some guidance.
[seriously - I think calling the Internet a jungle is an
On Thursday I'll be hosting a private event with
a mentor of mine who changed the literal course of
my whole vision for what was possible. 
His story is a "rise from the ashes" kind too.
Very inspiring.
And he's no kind of perfectionist when it comes to getting
things done. Which gave me a very "Hey! I can do what he's doing"
kind of feeling from the start.
If you want what we wanted (and continue to create more
of for ourselves daily) we'll have a special invitation and the 
perfect set of companion tools to get you there...
If this sounds like something you'd like for yourself.
I'll have more details ready to send out to you tomorrow.
So keep an eye out.
I'll not have an unlimited number of these packages 
to hand out.
So stay in the loop....
Better wrap this up.
The kids are chomping at the bit to get the egg hunt
started so I'd better scoot :) 
Wishing You a Very Happy Easter,

This really touched me, not only because I have had my share of hamster and kitty burials in the past, but because
she has made it possible to be there when life’s moment like these happens. Internet marketing may be all about
business and can be downright technical, but in the end its all about “Ohana” the friends and family that does matter
in one’s life.

I’ve had my share of sacrifice. Not being out on parties or gallivanting like people my age would.
Flying thousands of miles away from my family for a better future. But it’s okay. See, I’ve recently just been tied
at 11th for a recent partner’s contest in My Online Business Empire’s community makes me optimistic about the choices
I make and the rewards that are ahead. I too shall find that perfect lifestyle soon.

This is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the direction you are taking in life and if you are reading this post,
then it’s never too late to change.


Tristan Azcona

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Hey guys,

Have you ever been at a point where you had this REALLY AMAZING idea for a product that would help a lot of people solve a certain problem, if not make things a lot easier?

Ideas just start pouring out like a waterfall right?

But then doubts and uncertainty steps in and it stops the creative process..

It is truly sad, but there is hope for us yet.

I know of a guy who has created a product that teaches how to get started in building a list to taking care of that list and how to send offers to them. Nothing fancy about. No hollywood effects, just a simple screen capture recording and a solution to a lot people problems.

Anyways, this product combined with many others he created along the way, has now brought him to now break the $100k earning point and although he doesn’t get to keep all of it (He has merchant accounts, staff and partners to pay of course ;) ) It’s still sweet as when he would look back in his situation about 2 years ago, he was, I could say,  a broke young guy who was mowing lawns for a living.

That pretty much sums up the AWESOME POWER creating a PRODUCT brings.

Now this guy, I’ve been highly invested in and have been working closely with in the last 2 months and I pretty much understand why a certain multi-millionaire friend of mine also was keen to invest a lot in him. He works really really hard and delivers value to people. I’d often see him stay up till 1am in the morning answering questions in facebook.
He also constantly worries when I do database maintainance for him, as he does not want partners to experience any downtime due to technical problems.

So this guy pretty much shouts VALUE as you get to know him.

Just so you know, this guy’s name is Matt Lloyd.

And he is an awesome guy. (Had a couple of run-ups with him, but overall a cool guy ;) )

Now just a few days ago, Matt was asking people how they were in creating products, I myself answered on that thread that I was having a hard time in product creation.

So here’s an awesome thing he decided to do:

He is going to hold a special webinar on how to create your first info-product and start moving towards creating the results he himself has created. Now I can’t guarantee exactly the same results as we are each unique individuals, but he is pretty much social proof of how much of an impact creating a product can bring.

So I’m now participating in this contest to get as much people on this webinar and teach them info-product creation.
And I would love to win it so I’ve been asking people what is the best bonus package I can deliver for your participation.

A good friend of mine said he loved the graphics package I did for him so that what I decided to bring to the table.

Here’s just a few example of my work:


So as you can see I take a lot of pride in the graphics I create and pretty much a lot of the people in my group, know me as the “graphics guy”. These are really high quality graphics and the DVD cover, as soon as Andrea posted it on her facebook wall, she got 10 people to opt-in right off the bat. People were also asking her if this was a product she is releasing.  I tested the squeeze page graphic and it has a 28% opt-in rate.
That just shows how much POWER graphics hold.

Now back to the Webinar …

The webinar is not exactly FREE.. But its 100% risk-free ;) The reason for this is to allow only those who are committed to creating results for themselves in info-product creation and not fill-up the webinar with people who are not going to take action. People have this kinda thing that they don’t really value things given for FREE much.
And Matt is going ALL-OUT with VALUE on this one.

The webinar is going to be $39.95 and you will only be charged 2 days after the webinar and if you weren’t happy they would let you know where to send an email to so your card won’t be charged a dime.
That being said,

Here is my $1,107 Bonus offer for your participation on the Instant Info-Product webinar:

1. 4x 1-Hour Consultation sessions  $160/hr =$640 (Limited to the first 10-people who purchases)

2. 2-months Unlimited Facebook Support $320

3. Graphics Package (Header+ Ecover (or DVD) + Squeeze page Graphic ) which I don’t really sell.. $147

Here’s what you got to do:

1. Clear your browsers cookies (that makes me hungry, lol!)
2. Click the button below and register for the webinar.


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So you want to be UNSTOPPABLE?

Then you have to watch the video below,


[media id=17 width=560 height=345]


Okay, that is me sharing my amazing experience which is my personal UE (Unstoppable Entrepreneur) experience. Which is a great new year’s gift if I should say so myself.
I have loved the word ‘Limitless’ so I call myself that, Limitless Entrepreneur. This is what happens when influences merge and create a NEW idea.

unstoppableSo, how the heck does this kid go on to meet one of the top network and internet marketers in the history to hang out and party to the early hours of the morning?

Simple. It’s all about ENERGY.

Energy could be anything, may be cash, may be something tangible or intangible like an aura.
And the secret to being a part of any inner circle is just that. Because when you give something that is of value to another person, you will be reciprocate with value of equal or even greater amount.

In my case, it is my PURE ENERGETIC aura that caught the attention of my mentor, idol and now good friend Jonathan Budd.

Great lessons are learned every day and if there is a lesson that is essential for your growth and you are ready to learn it, the universe shall work to deliver it straight to you. It’s that simple.

But Simple isn’t easy.

If you want to be unstoppable, then you got to put in the hard work and effort into learning new skills, meeting new people and delivering value over and over again.

This year is looking great for me and I’ve already received an avalanche of blessings and I’m opening my arms as wide as I can for more. That is how I become unstoppable and you can too!

So lets make this year even greater with more goals achieved, new friendships, experiences and all the other random stuff!



Let me know you Amazing experience and leave a comment below!

Tristan :)


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Team Up With Tristan



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Empower the New Year

Posted By on Dec 30, 2011

This is a great video so I’m going to make this intro quick, and I am definite that the knowledge you will gain here will empower the new year!

Click play so watch the video

[media id=16 width=560 height=315]


That was a great interview  and I went to find out how Ryan Yokome works essentially and deep into his mindset. Thanks to him for spending a few minutes of his valuable time and I definitely gained a lot from the interview and by simply being in communication with him. Make sure you visit his website at and his facebook at

The new year is about to start and now your armed with awesome knowledge from a truly amazing guy. What amazing things  will you do to empower your new year?

Also I’ve joined the Empower Network which is an amazing blogging community and the growth has been UNBELIEVABLE! They have now given out more than $2 MILLION Dollars in 100% Commissions!

So if you’d like to be a part of the action, join up our team
Click The Link Below To be a part of the revolutionary Empower Network and our amazing team,

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