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Widespread Disease

Stealthy Disease Affecting Millions of People – Read on to know if you are infected..

There is a disease affecting millions of people in the planet. In fact, it is so widespread that people don’t even know that they are already infected. Said disease so incredibly complex that the host just adapts and proceeds day to day life not knowing. To know if you’re infected, take this simple assessment: 1.…

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Open Up Your Mind!

Good day my friends! Today I am INSANELY INSPIRED (other days I’m just inspired LoL) and this post holds a special message… I am DEFINITE that his will open up GATEWAYS to SUCCESS to all those who read this and reflect upon the thoughts I am about to share. This post is aptly titled Open…

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A Moment to Recollect

Today I’m in a town called Lostwithiel. I went out from the hussle and bussle of London to go to a smaller more serene place. I just had to escape it all to recollect my thoughts, mediate and get a lot of things done. I usually do things like this because I love to just…

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How to create your OWN blog site

Hello My Friends! Yesterday a friend of mine was interested in creating her own blog site and entering the wonderful world of blogging. Amazingly, I spontaneously wrote a how-to guide to doing so.. This post is basically the message I sent her in our group with some modifications to be fit as a post How…

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Inspiration from Pressure

Hello my friends! In today’s post I’m going to discuss how to get INSPIRATION from PRESSURE.. This might be a familiar scenario, you wake up to a wonderful morning. You feel alive, great and fresh. Get up, dressed and ready for work. No problem on the way to work, you even think of things while…

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8 Tips to Great Blog Posts

Everyone wants to have a great blog posts. I mean, who doesn’t right? So I’ve been pondering and researching the internet on the best tips available on how to do so and here’s what I have come up with: 8 Tips to Great Blog Posts 1.Write an interesting introduction The introduction dictates whether the visitor…

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Why network marketing?

Hello my friends! I’m here to discuss to you “Why network marketing?” A lot of people have discussed this topic but I enjoyed the way Robert Kiyosaki tackled this topic. This answered a lot of questions. If you want to be rich, you have to work for yourself but not necessarily by yourself. It is…

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How success is measured

Hello my friends! Today I’m going to discuss about how success is measured. Each morning is a special time for me. Its a time for me to thank God and to meditate, reflect and learn something new. I went around the web and my mentor, Jonathan Budd has discussed how success is measured and how…

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