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There is a disease affecting millions of people in the planet. In fact, it is so widespread that people don’t even know that they are already infected. Said disease so incredibly complex that the host just adapts and proceeds day to day life not knowing.

To know if you’re infected, take this simple assessment:

1. Do you always complain? (About anything and everything)

2. Are you anxious?

3. Do you constantly find yourself wishing to have a better life?

4. Do you always regret the decisions you’ve made so far?

5. When someone share to you an idea, do you dismiss it?

6. Does your reading / viewing consist mostly of celebrity gossip and “dream on” books and shows?

7. Do you rely on the lottery to give you that “BIG BREAK”?

If you’ve answered YES to most if not all these questions, then you are indeed infected..


You’re not going to die anytime soon..

Its not like AH1N1, Bird Flu, or whatever flu.. Your limbs are not going to suddenly come of like in leprosy. But this disease is so contagious that not even the world’s health organizations can contain it. In fact, it’s too late. It’s a PANDEMIC.

Are you starting to have an idea what this disease is? Good! Because the cure to said disease is KNOWLEDGE.. Yes, the awareness of having said disease is the cure. For those who don’t know. The disease I’m talking about is PESSIMISM.

Merriam-Webster defines Pessimism as:

Etymology: French pessimisme, from Latin pessimus meaning worst —
Date: 1815

1 : an inclination to emphasize adverse aspects, conditions, and possibilities or to expect the worst possible outcome
2 a : the doctrine that reality is essentially evil b : the doctrine that evil overbalances happiness in life

It emphasizes on the WORST POSSIBLE outcome. That evil is greater than happiness in life. Now why did I call it a disease? Because it affects the normal functioning of an individual with distinct signs and symptoms (above) and it is a harmful development (I got these criteria from the dictionary).

Now, like I’ve said, the cure is Knowledge. How? Because, awareness essentially gets one to take action. That’s the only way to overcome this affliction.

Optimism, Positivity leads to happiness.. Happiness is the feeling that we want to cherish and grow. When you are happy then happy things come to you. If something does go wrong, let it go.. Its your choice.

If you desire great things to happen to you then start taking action.

Waiting for the PERFECT time? There is no better time than NOW

What is stopping you? Hold it, the answer to that question is just an excuse..

When you learn to let go and be free, then great things will come. The chains that bind you shall be broken and that will release the unlimited potential that is within YOU. It doesn’t matter if your 5, 55, or 105.. That power is there..


Do you want to be rich? Everything you need to be rich can be found WITHIN YOU..

Want to be an expert? You have been doing something for months and years, share that! You’re an expert in that..

Everybody has something to share and everyone has the capacity to receive..

So get out there and START Living! Break those chains.. The only one stopping YOU is YOU..

Success starts within oneself, when you feel successful, everything else shall follow…

To your success,

Tristan Azcona

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Open Up Your Mind!

Posted By on Jun 18, 2010

Good day my friends! Today I am INSANELY INSPIRED (other days I’m just inspired LoL) and this post holds a special message… I am DEFINITE that his will open up GATEWAYS to SUCCESS to all those who read this and reflect upon the thoughts I am about to share.

This post is aptly titled Open Up Your Mind! Because that is what I intend to do. You see, it is quite sad and the same time frustrating to see people struggling yet not doing anything to solve change their current situation. Let me quote Einstein’s definition of INSANITY

It is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

If you don’t do anything new then don’t expect anything to change. To think something different is going to happen is like what Einstein said, insanity. Now we aren’t insane and we know not to do something wrong over and over again. Be there are times that we unconsciously repeat our mistakes and therefore history would repeat itself. Until we learn the lesson life is teaching us, it will be repeat it in a cycle that could possibly last a lifetime.

I believe in each of our potential to be successful. But what is the SECRET that the most successful people hold?

The secret that has had great impacts to the world and generated Billions if not Trillions of dollars in the Global economy? The secret that made a kid from Seattle into the leader of one of worlds largest Software companies? The secret that made a kid living with his parents into one of the top Internet marketers in the industry? Once you know it you will have the world at the palm of your hand.

First, you must open your mind..

Now, are you ready to learn the SECRET?

Well, it isn’t just one, but a lot of secrets..Here are some of them

1. Be OPEN MINDED.. An innovative idea will be criticized by mediocre minds and we are NEVER mediocre.. We are extraordinary. Technology is all around us, learn to harness it.

2. NEVER PROCRASTINATE. Great people are great because they have placed a lot of hard work and effort to get themselves where they are and they would never have happened if they procrastinated. What’s stopping you from doing it now? You will realize that you simply make excuses to put aside the work that needs to be done. When it will be done? I don’t know..

3. Have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. No matter what anyone says, good things come to you when you have a positive frame of mind. For one you get to focus on achieving rather than sulking on your bed all day/week long. You actually get things done. Tough I know, but believe me the rewards are great!

Now reflect on these and write down your thoughts. Make mental notes and start changing your life. Nobody can empower you other than YOURSELF.  Remember the saying, “Do your best and God will do the rest”.

Never doubt yourself. We all have the capacity to be GREAT! Its just a matter of WHEN..

You can make it happen!

Cheers to your Success!

Tristan Azcona

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A Moment to Recollect

Posted By on Jun 17, 2010



Today I’m in a town called Lostwithiel. I went out from the hussle and bussle of London to go to a smaller more serene place. I just had to escape it all to recollect my thoughts, mediate and get a lot of things done.

I usually do things like this because I love to just go out and meditate.. Even if it means going miles and miles away from home. To regroup and focus what I have to do, I have to get out to see the big picture.

But you don’t really have to get out of the house and travel miles on end to do this. You can achieve the same results even from the comforts of your very own home. (I travelled because I had a long weekend and felt like it..hehe)

When things just go on a loop, it is insane to hope for a different result. Because it will never happen. So, we have to re-evaluate and decide to do some “tweaks” as to how we do things to achieve the results that we want.

Its really not that complicated to regroup and re-evaluate. Like I’ve said you don’t need to leave the comforts of your home to do so. You can step-out and view yourself from the point of view of another person to see what you need to improve yourself. As long as you constantly seek to improve yourself, you will be a dynamic individual full of the essence of life.

Amazingly when you are focused on doing something, the world just provides you with all the things you need. I’ve just watched a video, read an ebook and listened to a recorded interview on the Laws of attraction, and how to become happy in life.

I’m definitely looking forward to sharing my ideas with all of you on my stay here in the lovely town of Lostwithiel..

Keep your head up, never stop believing.

Tristan Azcona

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Hello My Friends!

Yesterday a friend of mine was interested in creating her own blog site and entering the wonderful world of blogging.

Amazingly, I spontaneously wrote a how-to guide to doing so..

This post is basically the message I sent her in our group with some modifications to be fit as a post

How to Create Your Own Blog and Why not or

Since your interested in developing a blog, then we’re in the same field :) I’m currently doing facebook, twitter marketing but mainly focused on building my blog —

The beauty of a blog is that when your just starting its like building an intricate machine..

I’ve had a lot of questions and basically researched and answered a lot of it so let me go ahead and see whether you have the same ones ;)

A Blog.. Why not Blogspot or

I’ve had loads of experience using these *free* blogs and I can see why the BEST people NEVER use these.. They (Blogspot or control what content you can or cannot put on your blog.. I one time had a post on my wordpress blog about my Neobux business and blocked all my affiliate links.. Now that is just plain annoying.. Why can they do that? Because I am using their property. Http:// or Http:// is a SUBDOMAIN of Blogger and WordPress respectively. They have ALL the write to delete or put restrictions on THEIR property. Should your blog disappear, they can only say “I’m sorry” and that is that. There is no accountability.

Blogger and WordPress is nice for personal life or just simple information sharing. It’s fun :)

But in my opinion, when it comes to marketing, Blogspot or wordpress blogs have little or NO Credibility.


1. You gotta give value to get value..

This is the MOST repeated word of advice.

How can someone who is not even risking a dime to get their word across the interwebs be trusted with a $20 or even a $100 or more product? And believe me, getting your own domain is not at all that expensive..  Read to the very end to find out :)

2. A lot of spammers use free accounts from these sites..

I hate spammers. Hate them.. Really.. Unsolicited mail is the worst. Since its easy to make an account from these sites spammers will abuse and make dozens of accounts on these domains.. Just like there are tons of spammers using yahoo accounts. Think I would put my e-mail and opt-in from a FREE blogger or site? Nuh-uh.. Unless I really know the person.. So if I can’t build a list, I can’t make money.

So if not those how do you make a blog?

You can make your own blog using the blog engine (easiest and best to use Katie and Jonathan uses it.. ) which you can download at their site and installing it to your WEBHOST..

So What are the benefits of having your OWN blog?

There are numerous benefits:

1. Having your own site builds up your own BRAND. Which when nurtured and cared for grows and builds up influence.

2. Its a DOMAIN and not a Subdomain.

What difference does it make? Well SEO-wise a domain gets higher ranking than a subdomain.

3. You OWN the site.

You control what content you put in and links. Everything is under your discretion. No company will mess up your affiliate links.

4. You are running the most adaptable publishing software there is..

The WordPress engine is not just for blogs. In the hands of an experienced person, it can create really stunning websites.

5. Getting your own hosting comes with your own e-mail domain. is less likely to get spammed by e-mail service providers than free e-mail accounts.

6.You’re very own private spot on the web to store files.

Whilst a Webhosting account is primarily meant for hosting a site, this doesn’t mean you can store some of your files here for safekeeping.

And the list goes on and on :)

Now getting WordPress on a Webhost..

Read the instructions on how to install it on my webhost, but its TOO complicated?

Well I’ve got that covered too!
I’ve found a host that allows you UNLIMITED bandwith, space, e-mails, and a great customer service system
and allows you to easily install the WORDPRESS blog engine with just a few click of the mouse PLUS I’ve found out how to get the FIRST month for a measly $0.01! (Bwahahaha!) $10/month hereafter

The Webhost is HostGator (FYI 100% Wind Energy so we’re protecting mother earth)
The link is:

Select the Baby Hosting Package and with the coupon code I’m giving at the end, hosting is literally $0.01 upon checkout

After that its they’re procedure to verify your identity. Just call their customer service or e-mail them identification to..

When your account is verified, enter the CPANEL and go to Software/Services and select FANTASTICO Deluxe

when there, just click WordPress then select install and TaDa~! Its Done~!

Your very own blogsite for just $15.01 (Domains are $15/year unless you buy it from GoDaddy or Namecheap) I just discussed buying it through HostGator to avoid all the fuss..

1.Get webhosting with HostGator (Thanks so much!)

2.Use coupon code I’m giving at the end to get the first month at $0.01 (Swee~t!)

3. Use FANTASTICO DeLuxe to install the engine in a matter of minutes..

Then get a theme from that suites your taste.

Thanks for reading and here is the coupon code to get a MASSIVE discount on your first month’s hosting


If you need help with that just send me a message and I guide you along the way ;)

To Your Future Success!

Tristan AzconaTristan Live Sig
Internet Marketer / Loving Son
“Helping Average People
Make Money From the Internet”
Cell: +44 778 952 4474
Website: Http://

Contact Me Facebook Twitter
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Inspiration from Pressure

Inspiration from Pressure

Posted By on Jun 6, 2010

Hello my friends! In today’s post I’m going to discuss how to get INSPIRATION from PRESSURE..

This might be a familiar scenario, you wake up to a wonderful morning. You feel alive, great and fresh. Get up, dressed and ready for work. No problem on the way to work, you even think of things while on the bus or train. You just smile. Simply happy and content. Sure, life isn’t perfect, you’ve got problems but your happy.  But somehow as you walked through the front door of your workplace, all that bright happiness just disappears.. As though it never existed..

How annoying is that?

Your boss hounds you all day. They notice every single mistake you do. Your workmates just complain and complain. Heck, some even tell you what to do and pass on the workload to YOU..  And as though that wasn’t enough, you now start to get frustrated because you are not getting paid enough. Insecure as you might just suddenly lose your job and when you look at your bank acount you only have about a $50 and the next payday is still far along..

When these things happen.. You can’t help but just make an expression like this,

This scenario triggers a psychological migraine and you just can’t think straight. Sucks to be in that scenario right? Which is why I’ve decided to write this post and channel as much if not ALL of my positivity to get anyone who is reading this out of that PIT of DESPAIR..

You see, I truly believe in the ideology that a positive frame of mind delivers positive things and events to your life. For one, if you keep a positive attitude, you actually GET THINGS DONE.

Jonathan Budd

Jonathan Budd

I’ve recently watched a video by our friend Jonathan Budd (You rock dude!) about how using any discomfort to drive you and you will achieve great heights in doing so. I totally agree with his message. In fact, discomfort just be one of the MOST POWERFUL motivators known to man.

So how do you turn PRESSURE into INSPIRATION?

There are a lot of ways to doing so, but I’ll try to discuss as much of them as I can.

1. Take the pressure as a CHALLENGE.

The idea that there’s no problem one cannot overcome holds true to this. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be around to read this.. Be an ACHIEVER and beat the odds. Going against something is already a form of inspiration in itself.

2. You are a different person than the one before

Let yourself know that when you go through adversity; You come out an ENTIRELY different person. That’s right. ENTIRELY DIFFERENT. Because you now have with you the knowledge and experience having gone through that adversity. Its amazing how you can be a TOTALLY different person than the one who woke up in bed that morning. Think of this each and every day.

3. Take it as a “CALL to ACTION!”

Pressure and adversity simply tells you to DO SOMETHING. Otherwise you would be procrastinating and evading doing something. Believe me, taking ACTION is one of the GREATEST THINGS you can do for yourself.

4. When life gives you lemons.. make lemonade (and hundreds of different versions of this)

I’ve heard this phrase a long time ago and it is also a thought of DOING Something about it. Take the problem (lemon) and do something to solve it (lemonade).

The main point my friends is that we have to TAKE ACTION if we want anything to happen to us. I’ve started taking action it gives you the feeling of PROGRESS and that is just SWEE~T!

I’d like to help a lot of people get out of that dreaded PIT OF DESPAIR so if you know anyone who is, share this to them. That simple act of motivating them and showing them that you care is PRICELESS..

To massive wealth and success,

Tristan Azcona

Phone: +447789524474

Skype: Tristan.Azcona


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