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Hi guys! I’m here with a tutorial on how to get wordpress for your site :)

I know the video quality is LAME but the reason for that is that.. .

This was my first attempt to make an online tutorial months ago.. I had no idea which programs to use to compress my video, I actually compressed this for a PSP (Hence the low video quality for this screen resolution)

But you know, The first video is the most liberating :) That is why I wanted to share it with you..

If you’d like to signup with HostGator, you can get the first month for just $0.01 just use the coupon code:


Tristan Azcona

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Hello my friends! Yes, you’ve read it right. I would rather be insane than sane like most of the population and I’m going to be giving the WHY.

To begin with, the other night I was listening to Don McLean’s “Vincent” and it made me reflect that over the many many years I have known and sang this song I’ve always been able to relate to the lyrics of this masterpiece. I can see Van Gogh and feel the pain he was in, somehow because I have in the past (and possibly now in the present) been labeled as an oddity..
“Weird”, “Different”, “Abnormal” were just one of the many labels people have associated with me in my growing years.. Why? Because I am a non-conformist and a dreamer. Much like Van Gogh, I’ve always seen things in a different light.

So here are my reasons why I’d rather be insane:

1. To see the world in a different perspective.
If being sane means I have to see things the way the general population see things then I’d rather be insane. Because as you will notice, a vast majority of people are unhappy and constantly struggling to make ends meet.   Because they seeing the world in guess how many perspectives? ONE.. A perspective that in NO WAY makes you rich. A factory worker cannot become the owner of the factory he works in through a salary. Think about it..

2.To be Happier..
I am a Nurse and have significant experience in the field of psychiatry (I was in a Psychiatric Unit at one point.. As a student Nurse LOL).
One thing I have learned is how people go insane. Its not a sudden thing. It does involve a process.

Sigmund Freud defined that the Psyche (our mind) has three components


Ego = Realistic Principle (seeking to please Id in a realistic manner)

Super-Ego = Conscience (Conformity to societal norms)

Now, when a person’s ego cannot meet Id’s desires because it is overwhelmed by the Super-ego, what does the humand mind do? Simple, create a new REALITY where the Ego can please the Id without Super-ego being a prick..  Thats when a person is clinically INSANE, its all about BALANCE..

Now with the current status quo of societal norms, if you are constantly bombarded with problems, your Id is going crazy because so many DESIRES are not met, it wouldn’t surprise me if a person becomes mentally ill.

Therefore, if stepping aside the way NORMAL people live life to avoid the numerous problems is considered insane. Then let me be so because I’ll be happier that way.

3. It gets my brain to work.
My last reason is simple. If you just conform to societal norms and live the human life the predefined way society dictates you to then there is no point having one of God’s greatest gifts to man. An immensely powerful information processor called a BRAIN. I like thinking out the box and getting ideas no matter how farfetched it may be.

Though I may have been given negative labels in the past, it does not mean I didn’t receive my share of positive labels as well. My nature of being different has had some really wonderful people I’ve crossed paths with associate me with titles such as “Extraordinary”, “Wiz Kid”, “Boy Genius”, “Genius”, “Gifted”, “Blessed”, “Talented”. So think about it, had I been “NORMAL” like the others, I would truly been a NOBODY. I wouldn’t have had made an impact on people’s lives. I may not know the latest fashion trends, and all the other stuff people my age do, but it has never been a handicap. I am DIFFERENT and I like it.

I hope this little introspection into myself have also open up gateways in your mind. That you don’t have to be normal. That you are already EXTRAORDINARY being yourself and it is actually INSANE to be NORMAL because then you wouldn’t stand out and there wouldn’t be anything about you to be appreciated.

To Your Success,

Tristan Azcona,B.S.N.

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Hello my friends! I’m back with another quick post and I’m going to share with you my secret to passing the Nurse Licensure examinations that could be applied to ANY EXAM IN THE WORLD

I found and used this secret as I was reviewing for my Nurse Licensure examinations. Now that time, I haven’t read any success, or mindset training books. The books that were around me were nursing books, and review guides. I honestly didn’t know about Rhonda Byrnes, Napoleon Hill, John Maxwell, Stephen Covey, Robert Kiyosaki. Never encountered Jonathan Budd, Katie Freiling,  and even Bo Sanchez who is famous in my country (The Philippines – must visit guys!)

But WAAY WAAAAY before the exam I already considered myself an RN (Registered Nurse), and that the exam was a piece of cake:)

Guess what? Fast forward to the future

I am an RN..

and the exam?  Easy Breezy!

Believe in something so much that it is as though that which you desire is already in your life..

Once you have that feeling, keep it. It is difficult at first but as you persist, you will get used to it and then it becomes second nature :)

Start doing it NOW..

Here’s my technique:

Each time I had to write my name, I always added “STBRN” to it..

What the heck is “STBRN”?

It is..

Soon To Be Registered Nurse”

I never thought of failure, just that it is a matter of time before I join the ranks of registered nurses.. Create your own variation or use mine.. As long as you believe in it 999%, It’ll happen.

And its not just for the Board exam, You can modify it to get anything in life :)

Seriously, Really powerful stuff I stumbled upon..

Genius (maybe), Serendipity (perhaps), but the fact of the matter is..

I found it..

and used it..

and IT WORKS..

Here’s to YOUR Success!

Tristan Azcona


I  again used this SECRET with some variation to raise $24,000 to fund and get me to London.

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My Apologies

Posted By on Jul 1, 2010

I’m really REALLY Sorry for not updating for quite a period of time.. Been busy with my Transcultural Nursing essay and I was moving to another place, didn’t have mobile internet at the time but I’m going to have my home broadband up on the 7th. I was so busy busy busy that I wasn’t able to make a post for QUITE A long Period of time.. And I know the bots of google have punished me.. LoL, Always keep a blog active else lose going up search engine ranks..

These aren’t excuses that is why I am sincerely apologizing because in that span of time, I haven’t been sharing and giving value to you guys.. And it really did make me feel like crap. I honestly STAGNATE when I don’t share something..
So the Lesson for today is:

Give loads of Value to the community and be consistent in doing so..

Honestly, making posts you believe are valuable is difficult. It really is. But the beauty of it is  that when you keep on doing something repeatedly, and everyday. It becomes easy.

This is what separates the PRO’s from the Wannabe’s..

..DILIGENT Practice..

So if there’s anything you’d like to be a MASTER of, then the first thing to do is START doing it..

Stop looking for the PERFECT TIME, because the PERFECT Time is always NOW..

The results may not be a masterpiece at first, but that’s okay.. Keep your head up. Be proud.. The first step is the hardest.

Second thing to do is to KEEP DOING IT (learning from the mistakes of the first of course :) )

Hone those skills, sharpen it that it will later on have great amount of PRECISION..

To Your Continued Success!

Tristan Azcona

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