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Success Formula = DG + BD

Success Formula = DG + BD

Posted By on Aug 29, 2010

Hey Guys! Tristan Azcona here out to share some powerful mindset training! Today’s topic is the Success Formula.

Yes, it is the SUCCESS FORMULA!

Now I can’t attribute this formula to any one person for its discovery much like I can’t say who invented the “wheel”..
Now, I have come to realize that to be successful, one has to be rich and to do so, one must do things a certain way.
Therefore to be successful, a person must follow a certain recipe, a formula for success!

“The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way. Those who do things in this certain way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get rich. Those who do not do things in this certain way, no matter how hard they work or how able they are, remain poor”

- Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich

I have once read somewhere that 10,000 out of 10,000 kids are born geniuses, 9,999 of them are “degeniusized” by adults.. I truly believe that. We are born will all the potential in the WORLD.
But our environment, including the people around it influence us and the potentials we possess from birth is lost.

That’s not possible, you can’t do that, dream on buddy! these are just some of the phrases that makes a person feel really bad about himself. That in turn makes them timid and not aspire for greater heights. Their mind becomes limited by four corners, they begin to think inside the box.


Yup, we’re breaking out of this joint where the only thing that lies ahead is DISMAL FAILURE and the way to do so is to use the SUCCESS FORMULA

You keep repeating SUCCESS FORMULA; What the Heck is it?

The Success Formula is just what it is, a formula for success. I’ve mentioned earlier that one must do things a certain way in order to be successful. I will now share what it is.


DG = Definite Goal

success formula

BD = Burning Desire

Definite Goal: State your intentions as SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. Last year I said, I said that in 6 months I’ll be in the United Kingdom! I had no idea what lay ahead of me, I just learned what I had to do every step of

the way.

Burning Desire: It is 110% Belief and Faith. When you possess this quality you will FIND A WAY NO MATTER WHAT.  Even if you don’t have a plan, it will come to thought. No resources, it will come to materialize. Because if you possess this quality then that which you desire will come to you like iron to a magnet.
I hope this post has rekindled flames in your spirit and leaving you wanting to achieve :)

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Yours in Mastery,


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money making opportunityHey there my friends! Today is an extra added dose of inspiration and I want to move you to take the first step to realizing your dreams. The first step is the hardest one to make and it does require a great deal of effort.

We are all looking for opportunities and they come to us everyday. It is simply a matter of us accepting these opportunities as they come. Now there may be an unlimited flow of opportunities in our lives but there is one thing that we do not have an unlimited supply of and that is TIME.

Time can be a friend or foe depending upon the viewer’s point of view. Let us have time as an ally, and our greatest friend. We can achieve this by grabbing hold of our opportunities so that it will simply be a matter of time that we shall grab a hold of success.

My friends, let us take the first step towards our dreams and grab the opportunity. I have an idea for a project that I hope will have significant impact to peoples lives..

The idea is..

Ten Dollars and a Dream..

Yes, I’m going to create a video to help everyone who has $10 and a dream. Those who are willing to work hard to make those dreams a reality. No one is going to do it for you other than YOURSELF.


Money Making Opportunity

Be empowered and start taking charge of your life.. You know you deserve it!

Yours in Mastery,


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Hi guys! I’ve been watching The Sorcerer’s Apprentice recently and it gave me a great idea for a personality development, mindset training post :)

I’ve learned something from this movie and I won’t go into the criticism of the film. Whether it be good or bad it doesn’t matter. Anyways, sometime during this film Balthazar teaches Dave a basic fighting spell, which is to create fire. He explained that matter is composed of molecules that are constantly vibrating to give the impression of solidity. To create fire, one must visualize these molecules vibrating even faster to create heat thus producing fire.

He used a 3-step Process:

1. Free Your Mind

2. See the molecules

3. Ignite!

The principles he used can be utilized for other stuff than creating fireballs :D You can use the knowledge taught by this master sorcerer of the 777th degree to magically achieve more. It is simply a matter of taking that process and modifying it to fit your goal or purpose.

So here is my 3-step Process:

1. Free Your Mind

Relax, empty the mind and thus the clearing of thoughts will make the next step even more powerful.

2. Visualize your goal.

Whatever it may be. Money, dream possessions, travel. Visualize that you have actually achieved that desires. Open that door to your dream house, Start the ignition of the dream car, Be amazed at the 8th wonders of the world as you are travelling. Make that as realistic as possible and remember to put yourself in the position that you have already achieved what you desire.

3. Receive

Much like Balthazar taught the young apprentice to ignite the flame, you must also be in the receiving mode. This final step is as important as the previous two steps. If you aren’t ready to receive or achieve that things that you want, it will be just like driving the things you want the most away from you. Don’t think it as farfetched. Don’t think that you don’t deserve it. You deserve it. The world doesn’t take away the things you desire from someone to give it to you. It creates them from an infinite supply of the Formless Substance.

This Formless Substance is the primary element that when shaped by our thoughts produces what we desire.

This my friends is our incantus. Our primary spell to greater heights..

Use it well. Share the Knowledge and Leave a comment :)

Yours in Mastery,

Tristan Azcona, The Internet Sorcerer ;)

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