Monthly Archives: September 2010

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Gravatar Personal Branding and YOU

[media id=2 width=576 height=324] Hey Guys! Today I’m off with a quick tutorial on how to use Gravatar to enhance your Personal Branding. I can’t express how important personal branding is in our industry. In the blogging environment its a must for you to comment and respond to other people’s post. Not only do you…

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Burning Desire

Burning Desire – Breaking down the Success formula

Burning Desire.. The idea is simple.. How Badly do you want it? How far are you willing to go to get what YOU want.. As much as it is a simple idea, cultivating it in your mind is quite difficult and there poses the challenge to yourself. If you want something, want it BADLY! The…

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Definite Goal – Breaking down the Success Formula

Hi Guys! Today I’m going to break down the success formula even further. I discussed that involves a DEFINITE GOAL. DEFINITE GOAL… How could something SO SIMPLE be SO COMPLICATED at the same time? The irony astounds me. The thing is, most people are too focused on the happenings of day to day life that…

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