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Hey Guys! Today I’m off with a quick tutorial on how to usegravatar personal branding Gravatar to enhance your Personal Branding. I can’t express how important personal branding is in our industry. In the blogging environment its a must for you to comment and respond to other people’s post. Not only do you get to leave backlinks to promote your site but also develop a RELATIONSHIP with these people which is really important. Gravatar is one of those free little tools you can use to establish these relationships. What it does is associate an image with an e-mail address and in this case puts a face to a person whose commenting and we like to connect with people who stand out (a face is a start! :P )

Enjoy the video and Leave a comment! I’d love to Hear from ya!

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Burning Desire..

The idea is simple.. How Badly do you want it? How far are you willing to go to get what YOU want..
As much as it is a simple idea, cultivating it in your mind is quite difficult and there poses the challenge to yourself.

If you want something, want it BADLY!

The other day I discussed about a Definite goal; Having that gets you on track to success but then if you want results to come faster then you must desire it like no other. Successful people are ones who can transform thoughts and ideas into its physical equivalent the most simplest of which is money.

In the next few days I will be teaching you a mantra that makes you feel good and puts you in that success feeling. For now let us focus on cultivating that BURNING DESIRE.

Burning Desire is the fuel to achieve your dreams.

I’m not going to keep on repeating this unless it is really important. You can’t have anything unless you possess this quality.

Let’s go back a bit.. say when we were 5 years old.

5 year olds want what any 5 year old kid wants – TOYS
Especially those cool ones with all the colorful lights and tons of features. Seeing it in the store, the imagination just goes WILD!
Now when a five year old in a toy store sees a toy he wants, he does the first step: Make A Definite Goal.

I Want That Batman Action Figure with the Batmobile NOW!

Thats a definite goal..

Is it Specific? Batman Action figure with the Batmobile..yup!
? 1 Batman action figure and batmobile, so yeah!
Attainable? Definitely!
? Hmm, the only thing needed is money and mommy has the cash :P (so it is!)
Time Bounded? NOW – Thats a great measure of time! (while they are inside the store hehehe)

That was the first step, the second step was to cultivate that BURNING DESIRE.

A 5-year old kid as soon as he wants something immediately imagines how life is like having that which he desires. He already thinks of playing with the toy and how the toy would interact with all his other toys. Where he’s gonna put it and a lot of other things, like I’ve said, the imagination just goes WILD.

Lets look at it a little closer..

The child imagines having the toy he wants and injects himself into fantasy and creates the feeling of possession of what he wants. The flood of imagination and the feeling of having it in his possession is what cultivates that burning desire.

Fast forward..

5-year old kid asks mommy to buy him that batman action figure with the batmobile and see how she reacts..

Its only A or B in the childs mind..

A) She immediately buys the toy
B) She will be forced to buy it (by means of a tantrum.. hehehe)

Of course in the parent’s mind is option C, D

C) Tell the kid that if he is a good boy he’ll have it on his birthday or christmas.
D) Drag the kid away from the toy department (I’ve seen this oh so many times, have you? :P)

But we’re not analysing the mind of the adult but rather that of the kid.

Burning Desire

I will develop how to create gold from thought! You'll see!

So what the kid does when his demand isn’t met is to resort to his arsenal. The look really cute adorable so mommy would feel sorry and buy it, or throw a tantrum and get her to submit..

(I’m re-living the moment so I tend to get carried away hehehe)

But you can see that the child is so obsessed with getting what he wants. Take note of the word obsessed.

An obsession can either be good or bad, it depends upon the intention. In this case it is quite innocent..
Cultivate that obsession when you want something and even by reason of sheer pe

rsistence you will get what you desire.
When one is obsessed he will go through all possible means to get to the goal.
Thinks every detail and would go on and on. The amount of work done by one who is obsessed is astounding compared to one who simply does it.

Obsession = Burning Desire

Cultivate it in yourself to move ever closer to your dreams and do everything in your capacity.

Surprising but true.

To Your Obsession Towards Your Dreams

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Hi Guys! Today I’m going to break down the success formula even further. I discussed that involves a DEFINITE GOAL.


How could something SO SIMPLE be SO COMPLICATED at the same time? The irony astounds me.
The thing is, most people are too focused on the happenings of day to day life that they lose themselves in the midst of all the chaos. They go around in circles and still they can’t help but wonder why they are in the same situation they are in years ago..


It can’t be any simpler than that. A definite goal is SPECIFIC, MEASUREABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC AND TIME BOUNDED.
Isn’t that S.M.A.R.T.?

And Having a definite goal is the SMART thing to do..
So how do we go about making a definite goal?

We start by getting a piece of card (a piece of paper that is durable actually and something that you can carry with you all day).

Now on that sheet write it down in this manner, there are many ways to write but this is how I know :)

“By (SET DATE HERE), I will have (SET GOAL HERE)”

Now take that card with you and look at it every opportunity you have and think of wonderful happy thoughts as you look at it. Look forward to reading it (OUT LOUD [if possible, so your subconscious hears it]). This piece of paper is one of the most important things you now have in your possession.

So what exactly happens when I do this?

By making such a DECLARATION, you have actually gone out of the ROUNDABOUT and enter the HIGHWAY.

The Road to Success..

To Your Success!

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