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facebook subscribe

Hey Guys, Facebook has just implemented the facebook subscribe button. This I believe will have a huge impact with social media especially with personal branding.

With the facebook subscribe button, people who have not added you as a friend can now follow your public updates. For those who have had their friends maxed out this means that they can now connect with more people even though they are not friends per se.

To get started, you can go to and click the allow subscribers link.
You can set the option on whether the public can comment on your posts or just your friends and if you’d like to be notified when someone subscribes to you.

So now that there is Facebook Subscribe what gonna happen to Facebook Fanpages?

Well, nothing really. Facebook fanpages still has more options when it comes to marketing than a personal profile enabled with facebook subscribe. Some major differences is that you can’t have multiple admins on a personal profile which should be. Facebook Fanpages have access to fan insights  which Facebook Subscribe do not.

What facebook does make clear is that if you are an organization and not an individual, you can only use facebook fanpages and not facebook subscribe. If you are a public person you have access to both. (Personal Branding? LoL!)

Another thing I’ve thought of is that even if you’ve maxed out your facebook friends you can still be pseudo “friends” by subscribing to each others public feeds.

Anything else going on with facebook subscribe?

You can now control what feeds you will receive as well. All you have to do is go to your friend or the person you’ve subscribe and hover the cursor over the subscribe button and you can see a list of all the things you would like to receive. Uncheck the things you don’t like to be updated about “e.g. games, etc” and you’re set to go.

By the way, you are automatically subscribed to all your friends as you are receiving their updates but you can also fine tune using the method above.

I find the facebook subscribe button to be a really nice update and have major implications as to how we use social media.

Let me know what you think about it by leaving a comment below.

Talk Soon,


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facebook share imageThis week I’ve constantly encountered questions on how to specify a facebook  share image. A lot of people have encountered the situation wherein their site was shared but the image that goes along their facebook link doesn’t really boost their brand. Just some random image the facebook robo creepy-crawlies gathered from their websites.

So I’ve made a video on how you can create an image, upload it to your website and even COMMNAND facebook to use a SPECIFIC image when your URL is shared. Oh, I also added in how you can also command the facebook robo creepy-crawlies to go to your site whenever your want. Neat huh?

So what are the benefits of knowing how to specify a facebook share image?

A lot, There’s so many  I’ll limit it to three.

First, as much as we are influenced by text, images gets more attention. Ever heard of Neurolinguistic Programming or NLP? Well according to this model of psychotherapy, words can relate itself to patterns of behaviour and personal experiences. Certain fastfood chains use this method to get people to come and have breakfast at 6am. An facebook share image has a thousand words a.k.a Hey click me! a.k.a This is cool stuff!

Second, it boosts your brand. It takes 3 exposures for someone to take action. In a world where everything is competing for a viewer’s attention, a super cool facebook share image can win the attention battle and get that exposure.

Third, it makes you look cool. And by this I mean professional. It’s all about impressions and face it, we’ve all been in the scenario where a viewer see’s a link with the facebook share image that goes with it being some of the banner ad on our website. Not cool. But if it was your selected image then it turns the table around. You become sleek, cool and professional. You show that you’ve got it all together.

Now that I’ve shared a fraction of the benefits, its time for you to implement it on your website. The longer you don’t put this on your site, the longer other people a.k.a “Your competition” are leveraging this aspect of social media.

I’ve implemented the facebook share image, what now?

There’s a whole loads of things you can try out from here on. Analyze which image brings in the most traffic. Much like advertising, you split test. Think of things like, which color captures the most attention from my facebook community?  Is it synergistic with my content? The image should work hand in hand with your title. It grabs the attention so that they read the title and click.
Experiment and find the one that works best with your site!

Talk Soon!
Tristan Azcona

*Premium blog themes like Wootheme’s Canvas has opengraph coding built in for posts so you dont really need to do this..

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In internet marketing, the most  important pages we create are capture pages, sales and thank you pages. These pages in essence, are vital points of the internet marketing process. You get leads with a capture page, create sales with a salespage and do an upsell with a thank you page.

One of the major problems you’ll encounter is how to design those as you’ll be making dozens of them as you go along.
Well, you need not worry as I’ve got you covered with the answer. It’s one word.. err.. two words combined.. uhm..



OptimizePress is a revolutionary wordpress theme that gets the headache out of the salespage design process through an easy-to-use user interface. It also packs a ton of features. My favorite includes cross-browser compatibility and the iPad and iPhone support.

OptimizePress Cross-browser compatibility

Visual design is one of the many things we are quite keen about because it gives an impression of our professionalism.  With a lot of web browsers we want to make sure our designs don’t fail. Optimizepress was design to be compatible with all the major web browsers like firefox, google chrome, internet explorer, safari.

OptimizePress Ipad and Iphone Support

Flash based players don’t work on Apple devices and with video becoming the new print, we don’t want to lose out on potential clients. I enjoy browsing through the web on my iphone4 and this was a problem I encountered in the past. Optimizepress has a built-in system that allows you to show your videos on a flash-based player when it is available and run a compatible mp4 file for devices that don’t such as apple’s.

But the Optimizepress theme is not just limited to sales and capture pages, it can also do launch pages, one-time bonus offers, membership sites, and you can even use it as a regular blog theme.

So really, with the design out of your list of worries, it is simply the fastest way of crafting pages that convert.

So cut your learning curve today and get Optimizepress!

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seopressorBack in the days, when you wanted to rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more you had to think of all this:

Search Engine Optimization a.k.a SEO stuff. Stuff like h1,h2,h3 tags, Italics, Bold and Underlining your keyword. Terms such as keyword density and even the alt tags for images.

So much on-page SEO stuff to think about..

But now, do you really have to?

Not really. Because now you have SEOPressor.

What is SEOPressor?

SEOPressor is a revolutionary wordpress plug-in that automatically bolds, italicize, and underlines your keyword. It will simplifies your SEO tasks into an easy to-do checklist so
you don’t have to think about it.

So SEOPressor does those, so what?

Italics, bold, underlining and H1-h3 tags are the foundations of  ”on-page” SEO. Although it is quite simple, it does matter if you’d like to rank high on the search engines.

Yeah, I know there’s a lot of talk on the interwebs, but does SEOPressor  ”walk the walk?”
I recently went on page 1 for the keyword “automatically record webinar” just to test the SEOPressor plug-in.

Here is my result:


Page 1 on Google!

So as you can see it’s not just “talk” but it delivers. A good score with the SEOPressor plug-in can get you to the first page of google.
So grab your copy of SEOPressor and start ranking on the Search Engines Today!


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