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So you want to be UNSTOPPABLE?

Then you have to watch the video below,


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Okay, that is me sharing my amazing experience which is my personal UE (Unstoppable Entrepreneur) experience. Which is a great new year’s gift if I should say so myself.
I have loved the word ‘Limitless’ so I call myself that, Limitless Entrepreneur. This is what happens when influences merge and create a NEW idea.

unstoppableSo, how the heck does this kid go on to meet one of the top network and internet marketers in the history to hang out and party to the early hours of the morning?

Simple. It’s all about ENERGY.

Energy could be anything, may be cash, may be something tangible or intangible like an aura.
And the secret to being a part of any inner circle is just that. Because when you give something that is of value to another person, you will be reciprocate with value of equal or even greater amount.

In my case, it is my PURE ENERGETIC aura that caught the attention of my mentor, idol and now good friend Jonathan Budd.

Great lessons are learned every day and if there is a lesson that is essential for your growth and you are ready to learn it, the universe shall work to deliver it straight to you. It’s that simple.

But Simple isn’t easy.

If you want to be unstoppable, then you got to put in the hard work and effort into learning new skills, meeting new people and delivering value over and over again.

This year is looking great for me and I’ve already received an avalanche of blessings and I’m opening my arms as wide as I can for more. That is how I become unstoppable and you can too!

So lets make this year even greater with more goals achieved, new friendships, experiences and all the other random stuff!



Let me know you Amazing experience and leave a comment below!

Tristan :)


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