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The Death Of SEO?

The Death Of SEO?

Posted By on May 4, 2012

search engine optimizationGoogle Panda, now another update called Google Penguin. With their chain of updates does this mean the death of SEO? That’s what we’ll be discussing on this post and how to adopt in this changing environment that is Online Marketing.

When Google released the Panda update a lot of website owners have been massively impacted, due to the loss of backlinks and some even getting deindexed from Google’s search engine. Owner’s who were building there ranks through the massive blog network BuildMyRank suffered penalties in terms of lost backlinks and being pushed down by Google.



Now just recently, they released an update called penguin and I didn’t really noticce until a friend of mine showed me his traffic stats and how it went from 740 visits a day to zilch.

Some Webmasters were now shouting “OMG! I need a get a real job!”, “The sky is falling!” , “It’s the end of the world!”.. While others were cool and collected trying to see how they have been impacted by the update and which aspects of their site building caused it.

I was neither as I’ve been a SEO bum for the last couple of months, focusing more on paid media (but that’s a discussion for another day 8-) )

Is this the Death of Search Engine Optimization?

The answer is no. The internet is still the same, people are on it for their reasons and business owners will always want to have exposure for their products. And as long as people keep using search engines for the answers to their questions, Search Engine Optimization will continue to exist. So why the updates? Like any software, Google had to adapt its algorithms to provide the end-user with highly relevant results. Because inevitably, some webmasters implement methods that is focused on Google’s robots than the end-user. Such as content that can hardly be read a.k.a web spam.

So how do we adapt to the recent chain of changes (a.k.a. not be attacked by cute furry animals)?

The penguin update and my friend’s stats made me realize that just like paid media, the traffic coming from sources like Google can be turned off. That made me realize there has to be a balance between time-investment traffic sources like SEO and paid media to thrive in this dynamic arena.


In terms of link building, webmasters have to start thinking differently. Instead of trying to outsmart Google and searching for a new “exploit” on getting to rank higher in the SERP’s, they should now focused on how to build good organic backlinks and that comes with good, quality content and none of the drivel of improper software generated articles..


Link profiles have to be re-evaluated. The golden rules has always been to consider quality over quantity.
And in search engine optimization, this where pyramids is not a scam.

Do we use blog networks? Although the death of BuildMyRank was catastrophic, this does not mean blog networks are taboo.. One has to carefully evaluate the blog network before joining in. Ask yourself questions like, how do they get blogs into their network for posting. BuildMyRank’s error was on that its traces linked ownership all of the blogs in their network to one entity. This made it to the eyes of Google as a blatant attempt to manipulate search engine results. (Google does not like losing power, especially to a private blog network)

Be social. Think of the end-user rather than the Google bots and even if you are optimizing your content for the search engines, Good quality content is still king. No panda or happy feet penguins can stomp on that.

That’s it for today, Happy Optimizing Guys and Gals!

Tristan “Loves Panda’s and Penguins” Azcona

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