8 Tips to Great Blog Posts

Everyone wants to have a great blog posts. I mean, who doesn’t right? So I’ve been pondering and researching the internet on the best tips available on how to do so and here’s what I have come up with:

8 Tips to Great Blog Posts

1.Write an interesting introduction

The introduction dictates whether the visitor will keep reading on or not. Make it interesting. Let readers know what you intend to write about but spur that curiosity.  *Tip inside a tip* Write your BODY first before writing your INTRODUCTION that makes it a LOT easier for me.

2. Keep your content short, sweet and to the point.

Its easy to get carried away especially if the topic really interests you. I know this very well based from experience. Visitors are unlike read a 1000 word blog post and a lot of us multi-task so a nice, clean and short post is ideal.

3.  DO Use lists

A list is easy to read and scan which is what a lot of readers do. It  also puts emphasis on your main point so that they are actually read That is a definite plus to your post.

4. Use variety in writing posts.

Vary your writing style. You write make a list today and maybe make an opinions post tomorrow. You can even invite another author to make a post. This adds an extra dimension to you and your blog 🙂

5.Deliver content that is of VALUE to your audience.

The content we can put in our blogs knows no bounds. It’s an infinite universe and there is an unlimited supply of CONTENT that we can provide our readers but it is important that our content is something our readers would find USEFUL. Content that gives your readers an “AHA” or a “Eureka” moment are great posts. Observe all the great blogs out there and you will see that their content gives the reader a lot of insight. That is VALUE at its finest.

6. Formal Tone? – That is a NO.

Blogging is an informal medium and there’s a reason for that. It is for establishing a relationship with PEOPLE. Just write as though you were having a conversation.

7. Review your post

Its not a race. Nor a is there a deadline other than the one you’ve set for yourself. Check your grammar. Remove unnecessary points. Read and review your post before hitting that PUBLISH button 😛

8. Be Yourself

This is most important. There is no point to acting like your someone else. The main point of a blog is to have an IDENTITY. Write what you’re interested and passionate about. Passion is sure deliver VALUE to your readers.

Anything I’ve missed out? I’d love to hear your opinions 🙂

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