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How To Automatically Record Webinars So You Don’t Have To Be Up At 2am!

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“How Do I Setup to Automatically Record Webinars?”

automatically record webinars What are the benefits of being able automatically record webinars?

Well, there’s so many benefits to this knowledge such as no longer having to miss webinars because of:
a.) having to go to work a.k.a “AFK”  a.k.a I’m somewhere else!
b.) Webinars being too early in the mornings – Timezone differences can be such a pain.. I end up waking at 2am because of a cool webinar. You don’t have to go through all that.
c.) Being out doing a top-secret CIA mission..

But seriously, as entrepreneurs we are constantly on the move and at some point we may have already made arrangements then a really cool webinar comes.

So setting-up screen recordings also improves our productivity. We attend webinars for the purpose of educating ourselves and refining our skills. Sometimes webinar administrators don’t record webinars or take too long to post them. So by setting it up to record webinars automatically,  we developed a workaround. How to be there but not be there. Sneaky huh?

Here are some things we need to be able to do automatically record webinars:

  1. TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio 7 software – this is the software that will do the screen recordings.
  2. Windows XP or higher – I’m a PC guy running Windows 7 , but I’m sure Macs has a similar method to do this..
  3. Typing and Clicking skills. – No programming involved 🙂

Here’s Some Quick Tips When You Record Webinars

1. Make sure that you have enough hard disk space as a recording takes up gigabytes of data.

2. Ensure that the recorder software is preloaded a.k.a “idly waiting” – saves processing time to actually load the program.

3. Disable any settings that puts your pc on sleep or hibernate. – Unfortunately, power saving features hinders this strategy. Your PC has to be fully “awake” so you don’t have to. Your choice 🙂

4. Allocate enough time for the webinar – It may start a few minutes late, or have extra content beyond the allocated time frame. It is a good idea to give 30-40 minutes extra recording time which you can trim later.


Hope this tutorial on how to automatically record webinars was helpful.

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