Inspiration from Pressure

Hello my friends! In today’s post I’m going to discuss how to get INSPIRATION from PRESSURE..

This might be a familiar scenario, you wake up to a wonderful morning. You feel alive, great and fresh. Get up, dressed and ready for work. No problem on the way to work, you even think of things while on the bus or train. You just smile. Simply happy and content. Sure, life isn’t perfect, you’ve got problems but your happy.  But somehow as you walked through the front door of your workplace, all that bright happiness just disappears.. As though it never existed..

How annoying is that?

Your boss hounds you all day. They notice every single mistake you do. Your workmates just complain and complain. Heck, some even tell you what to do and pass on the workload to YOU..  And as though that wasn’t enough, you now start to get frustrated because you are not getting paid enough. Insecure as you might just suddenly lose your job and when you look at your bank acount you only have about a $50 and the next payday is still far along..

When these things happen.. You can’t help but just make an expression like this,

This scenario triggers a psychological migraine and you just can’t think straight. Sucks to be in that scenario right? Which is why I’ve decided to write this post and channel as much if not ALL of my positivity to get anyone who is reading this out of that PIT of DESPAIR..

You see, I truly believe in the ideology that a positive frame of mind delivers positive things and events to your life. For one, if you keep a positive attitude, you actually GET THINGS DONE.

Jonathan Budd

Jonathan Budd

I’ve recently watched a video by our friend Jonathan Budd (You rock dude!) about how using any discomfort to drive you and you will achieve great heights in doing so. I totally agree with his message. In fact, discomfort just be one of the MOST POWERFUL motivators known to man.

So how do you turn PRESSURE into INSPIRATION?

There are a lot of ways to doing so, but I’ll try to discuss as much of them as I can.

1. Take the pressure as a CHALLENGE.

The idea that there’s no problem one cannot overcome holds true to this. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be around to read this.. Be an ACHIEVER and beat the odds. Going against something is already a form of inspiration in itself.

2. You are a different person than the one before

Let yourself know that when you go through adversity; You come out an ENTIRELY different person. That’s right. ENTIRELY DIFFERENT. Because you now have with you the knowledge and experience having gone through that adversity. Its amazing how you can be a TOTALLY different person than the one who woke up in bed that morning. Think of this each and every day.

3. Take it as a “CALL to ACTION!”

Pressure and adversity simply tells you to DO SOMETHING. Otherwise you would be procrastinating and evading doing something. Believe me, taking ACTION is one of the GREATEST THINGS you can do for yourself.

4. When life gives you lemons.. make lemonade (and hundreds of different versions of this)

I’ve heard this phrase a long time ago and it is also a thought of DOING Something about it. Take the problem (lemon) and do something to solve it (lemonade).

The main point my friends is that we have to TAKE ACTION if we want anything to happen to us. I’ve started taking action it gives you the feeling of PROGRESS and that is just SWEE~T!

I’d like to help a lot of people get out of that dreaded PIT OF DESPAIR so if you know anyone who is, share this to them. That simple act of motivating them and showing them that you care is PRICELESS..

To massive wealth and success,

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