Open Up Your Mind!

Good day my friends! Today I am INSANELY INSPIRED (other days I’m just inspired LoL) and this post holds a special message… I am DEFINITE that his will open up GATEWAYS to SUCCESS to all those who read this and reflect upon the thoughts I am about to share.

This post is aptly titled Open Up Your Mind! Because that is what I intend to do. You see, it is quite sad and the same time frustrating to see people struggling yet not doing anything to solve change their current situation. Let me quote Einstein’s definition of INSANITY

It is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

If you don’t do anything new then don’t expect anything to change. To think something different is going to happen is like what Einstein said, insanity. Now we aren’t insane and we know not to do something wrong over and over again. Be there are times that we unconsciously repeat our mistakes and therefore history would repeat itself. Until we learn the lesson life is teaching us, it will be repeat it in a cycle that could possibly last a lifetime.

I believe in each of our potential to be successful. But what is the SECRET that the most successful people hold?

The secret that has had great impacts to the world and generated Billions if not Trillions of dollars in the Global economy? The secret that made a kid from Seattle into the leader of one of worlds largest Software companies? The secret that made a kid living with his parents into one of the top Internet marketers in the industry? Once you know it you will have the world at the palm of your hand.

First, you must open your mind..

Now, are you ready to learn the SECRET?

Well, it isn’t just one, but a lot of secrets..Here are some of them

1. Be OPEN MINDED.. An innovative idea will be criticized by mediocre minds and we are NEVER mediocre.. We are extraordinary. Technology is all around us, learn to harness it.

2. NEVER PROCRASTINATE. Great people are great because they have placed a lot of hard work and effort to get themselves where they are and they would never have happened if they procrastinated. What’s stopping you from doing it now? You will realize that you simply make excuses to put aside the work that needs to be done. When it will be done? I don’t know..

3. Have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. No matter what anyone says, good things come to you when you have a positive frame of mind. For one you get to focus on achieving rather than sulking on your bed all day/week long. You actually get things done. Tough I know, but believe me the rewards are great!

Now reflect on these and write down your thoughts. Make mental notes and start changing your life. Nobody can empower you other than YOURSELF.  Remember the saying, “Do your best and God will do the rest”.

Never doubt yourself. We all have the capacity to be GREAT! Its just a matter of WHEN..

You can make it happen!

Cheers to your Success!

Tristan Azcona

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Tristan Azcona

Tristan Azcona is one who is an Internet Marketer, Social Media and Pay Per Click "PPC" Marketing Enthusiast. He is quite passionate about business, and personal growth. When asked, "What is his story?" He shared a headline. "22 year old kid generates $24,000 to get to the UK" He also tries to be good at writing third person biographical infos..

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