Empower the New Year

This is a great video so I’m going to make this intro quick, and I am definite that the knowledge you will gain here will empower the new year! Click play so watch the video [media id=16 width=560 height=315]   That was a great interview  and I went to find out how Ryan Yokome works…

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Interview With Clifton Hatfield – The Blog Rockstar!

[media id=14 width=560 height=345] I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the Blog Rockstar  Clifton Hatfield, Co-founder of Empowered Blogs and developer of the Empowered Theme. We discuss how people normally react to changes especially on facebook and the possible ways we can actually leverage the updates and we’ve still got time as…

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facebook subscribe

How To Add The Facebook Subscribe To Your Profile!

[media id=13 width=560 height=345] Hey Guys, Facebook has just implemented the facebook subscribe button. This I believe will have a huge impact with social media especially with personal branding. With the facebook subscribe button, people who have not added you as a friend can now follow your public updates. For those who have had their friends…

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facebook share

Specify Facebook share image so your visitors don’t have to.

Ever been in this situation? Viewer likes your content and shared it to facebook and just posted it with whatever image that popped up? Could be a banner ad, or anything. Here’s how you can specify exactly which image will pop up when your site is shared on facebook.

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OptimizePress – Creating pages that convert fast without getting a designer.

In internet marketing, the most important pages we create are capture pages, sales and thank you pages. These pages in essence, are vital points of the internet marketing process. You get leads with a capture page, create sales with a salespage and do an upsell with a thank you page. Learn how you can create a lot of these pages lightning fast!

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SEOPressor – Simplifying SEO

Back in the days, when you wanted to rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more you had to think of all this:
Search Engine Optimization a.k.a SEO stuff. Stuff like h1,h2,h3 tags, Italics, Bold and Underlining your keyword. Terms such as keyword density and even the alt tags for images.So much on-page SEO stuff to think about..

But do you really have to?

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automatically record webinars

How To Automatically Record Webinars So You Don’t Have To Be Up At 2am!

Webinars are a great way of obtaining useful, up-to-date information. The problem is, you have to be online at the scheduled date and time.. Or do you? Here’s how you can setup your PC to automatically record webinars so you still have control over your time!

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Firebug – A Bug You Would Want To Have In Your System!

[SFBSB button="box_count" style="float:left;padding-right:4px;padding-bottom:4px;"] Hi Guys! I’ve come across this really cool “bug” recently and thought it would be cool to introduce it to you and make a tutorial on how to use it while I’m at it! So click play and to watch the tutorial and afterwards leave a comment! Oh by the way, This…

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Creating A Custom WordPress Header

Hi Guys and Gals! Got some requests for a how-to tutorial on making a customized WordPress header and I’ve gone and done so using amazing free web-based applications. Just hit play below and enjoy the tutorial, afterwards feel free to give me some love by leaving a comment [stream provider=video base=x:/tristanazcona.com/wp-content/ flv=uploads/custom-wordpress-banner.flv mp4=uploads/Custom-Wordpress-Banner.mp4 embed=false share=true…

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facebook questions

Facebook Questions

Facebook has released a new feature called Facebook Questions. With a new feature comes a lot of queries and confusion. And your friendly neighborhood techie is here with a quick video on what it’s all about. Does this new feature hold promise? Find out!

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