What Impacts Your Success More than Anything Else?

What has the biggest impact on your success? Is it brains? Is it hard work? Is it where you come from? Is it the skills you develop? No. All those things are, of course, important. But one thing determines your success far more than any of these. I’d say, far more than any of these…

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The Orville & Wilbur Traffic Philosophy

If you’re frustrated marketer, one of your least favorite phrases is probably “It’s a numbers game”. You’ve heard the advice, “Just run the numbers”, right? It’s a tired old cliché. I personally hate it. It’s tossed out by gurus to get their affiliates members to keep plugging traffic through a system that simply does not…

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How to Get off the Hamster Wheel

There are three kinds of people in this world… There are people who are made to stay on the hamster wheel their whole life. And there are people who will do absolutely anything they can to never get on the hamster wheel in the first place. And there are people who find themselves on the…

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Why Bad Traffic Can Kill Your Business

Perry Marshall is one of my favorite online marketing experts. Perry made his fame as the “Adwords Guy”. He literally wrote the book on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords. The guy knows PPC traffic. But, if you sign up for his Adwords email training course, one of the first messages you…

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Why You Don’t Have to Put in 10,000 Hours

Have you read Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers: The Story of Success? In this 2008 best-seller, Gladwell examines the factors that contribute to high levels of success. And one factor that he mentions time and time and again is the “10,000 Hour Rule”. According to Gladwell, one of the main reasons for the phenomenal success of…

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Are You Fighting this Universal Law?

Are you familiar with the “80/20 Principle”? I think it should be called the “Universal Law of 80/20” because it applies to so many aspects of life. Most of us have heard it used in business terms… 20% of the salespeople in a company make 80% of the sales. 20% of a companies customers are…

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Has Your Road to Success Looked Like Vietnamese Traffic?

No Traffic Lights? Have you ever been to Viet Nam? Or ever seen video of Vietnamese traffic? If not, when you have a free moment, click over to YouTube and watch this short video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz5uxAsrbwI But be careful, if you’re not used to it, what you see might send you into a spell of road…

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Here’s to “No Regrets”

This article, which appeared in The Guardian, really caught my attention… “Top 5 Regrets of the Dying” http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2012/feb/01/top-five-regrets-of-the-dying Bronnie Ware, a palliative nurse who has spent years caring for patients in the final 12 weeks of their lives, recorded the 5 most common regrets she heard. I read this article and it made me think…

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What Einstein Taught Me about Success

Did you know that Albert Einstein ­the guy who basically figured out how the universe works­ tried to take up golf but gave it up because it was too complicated? It sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? But I’m totally serious. The story goes something like this… Late in his life, a colleague convinced Albert…

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It was 1 am in the morning. *Ping* Matt Lloyd sees another one of his partners just made $3,000 in cold hard commissions. He checks to see who it was. This guys name was Frank Torchia. And he’s 85 YEARS OLD. And he made this commission by following the simple steps laid down in MTTB:…

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