Tony Robbins’ 4-Step Process to Breakthrough Change

December is here. Less than a month to go to achieve your goals for 2014. How are you doing? Where were you this time last year? Where are you now? Are you where you thought you’d be? I’m sure that in some areas of your life you’ve achieved your goals or resolutions and in some…

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Leather Jacket, Lip Ring, and a New Mercedes

Rob Paris looks like he should be onstage in a smoky club, shredding an electric guitar, belting out songs of angst and anger. Flowing, jet-black hair. Studded, leather biker jacked. Skinny jeans. Lip ring. Eye shadow. His breath puffing before him like smoke in the chill Swedish air. But one thing seems a little out…

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Success Secrets from a Gonzo Journalist?

In his bestseller, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell proposes one theory for why exceptionally successful people achieve as much as they do 10,000 hours. Gladwell proposes that the Beatles, for example, achieved musical mastery by playing 8-hour shifts, for weeks on end, at a little club in Hamburg, Germany. Getting to the magical number of 10,000 hours…

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Success Case Study: Two Secrets = $82,000

Cynthia and Elena only knew one thing about online marketing: They knew that everything they had tried in the past had failed. Then they made $82,000 in about a year by discovering two secrets. Watch the interview here. The first secret they discovered flies in the face of almost everything the experts teach about…

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If It’s All about the Money You’ll Probably Fail

Remember Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s character, the flamboyant football star, “Rod”, dancing around in the shower while talking to his desperate agent, Jerry Maguire? Rod keeps prodding Jerry to scream “Show me the money!” over and over and over. Louder each time. And sometimes that’s what info marketing can feel like. It’s all about the money.…

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Do You Pomodoro?

There are two ways people fail when they try to achieve a big, hairy, audacious goal. 1. They procrastinate and never get around to even trying 2. They burn themselves out by working too hard, and quit before the results start to roll in So, most “lifehack” experts agree that if you want achieve any…

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Two Bizarre Reasons You Must Offer Expensive Products

There are many obvious reasons that selling high-priced products makes more sense than selling low-priced products. -You need to make fewer sales to make more money -You need to inventory less product -You benefit from higher margins and therefore higher profit -You process fewer transactions which means lower processing fees -You ship fewer products, which…

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Facebook Owns the Smart Phone, the Smart Phone Owns Your Future

I don’t exactly have to be Nostradamus to predict that smart phones will be around for a very long time. Every day the smart phone swallows up more of our lives…the wrist watch, the camera, the flashlight, the wallet, the calendar, the calculator… And, increasingly, your customers. Matt Lloyd wrote about what this means for…

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How Leverage Lets Him Do What He Loves & Leave a Legacy

Samith Pich spent two years trying to figure out this internet marketing. Two years, tens of thousands of dollars in expenses, tons of headaches, and a grand whopping total of $50 in revenue. Then he spent one week, $300 in expenses and made $1500. And then made $9000 just a short while later. And soon…

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Why Internet Marketers Still Need Born Sales People

What’s your most deep-seated fear? If you’re like most human beings, it’s the fear of rejection. Did you know that most people rank the fear of public speaking as scarier than the fear of death? Rejection is scarier than death. Why? Because way down deep in our genes, we equate rejection with death! Acceptance and…

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