Testimonials Galore… Because this WORKS!!

John Chow has made over $1.1 million dollars in commissions… Shaqir Hussyin has pocketed over $800,000 thus far… Terry Lamb, over $250,000… Carolina Millan’s profited $243,633… Mike Morin brought in $6,023 in his first 30 days, and now is sitting on over $110,00 in profits!! The one thing all of these people, and countless others…

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The Most Important Sentence, EVER!

Hey, This one sentence has transformed lives. It’s made more 6-7 figure earners than you could count. It comes from the deepest study and research of persuasion and influence. It’s one of those sentences that you can read and re-read for hours… …And every time you do, your eyes are opened up just a little…

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Are You Selling Yourself Short?

People will do some odd and weird things these days, right?! Extreme even!!!! Fire-walkers (Research some difference countries that do this). People that will do strange, extreme things in order to meet their ‘dream’ mate. I’ve seen people that donate blood AS OFTEN as they possibly can just to get bill and food money. People…

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The missing skill you need…

It seems like there are 1,001 things you have to learn in order to make your first dollar in this business, doesn’t it? Even though it’s true that there are a LOT of moving parts to this business, it in NO WAY means that you have to learn or do it all yourself. However, you…

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critical thinking

How to S.T.A.R.T.?

In the direst of situations, when tragedy strikes, terrorism, natural disasters, whatever the case is, the early responders to the scene implement something called S.T.A.R.T. It stands for: Simple Triage And Rapid Treatment This is done when results are needed -ULTRA FAST!! When there’s no room for playin’ around. (Sort of like the fast results…

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Business man fishing by seafront

Patience is a $$ Virtue…

“You Just Earned A Commission!” How would you like to get email notifications like this all throughout the day? Cha-ching! Cha-ching! Cha-ching! 24/7. It’s a NICE FEELING! However, getting to that point isn’t always easy. Even for the “pro” starting a new business or launch, he knows the notifications WILL be coming. But, only after……

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Rich People Play The Money Game To Win

Are you playing a game of DEFENSE?

Ultra successful T. Harv Eker touches on a very important subject in his awesome book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. It can be found on page 62 if you already have the book. If not, I definitely recommend you pick it up. Anyways, here’s the important point I wanted to share with you today: Rich…

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What’s your cash TALENT?

Here’s one big thing I love about this business. You can make a 6-7 figure income MANY DIFFERENT ways! And this excites me because we’ve all got different skills. What’s you skill, or, one you’d like to develop? *Are you a story teller? *Can you write? *Do you like to do video? *Audio? *Do you…

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Don’t complain, do something!

True Story. One night, legendary tracker Tom Brown was sitting by a small campfire in the Pine Barrens, bemoaning the cold. His mentor Stalking Wolf was sitting back against a tree, totally relaxed as could be. He asked, “What’s your problem son?” Tom replied, “It’s cold. My hands are FREeEeEzING!!” Stalking Wolf then agreed that…

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Hey, what are your thoughts?

Oftentimes, I think about the thought process that someone is going through who wants to make an income online. Thinking about the personal reasons that I got into this business, and through the many conversations with others I’ve had, here’s many COMMON REASONS: *Quit a job I don’t like. *Make extra income on the side.…

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