T.V. makes you dumb, and, KILLS?

I don’t know if this is true, but I’ve heard that every time somebody watches _____________ (insert terrible t.v. show) that A BOOK DIES. It’s a crying shame. Now, I’m all for catching the occasional GREAT movie or show. But the majority of the world doesn’t care. Turning on the t.v. allows them to turn…

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What EBOLA can teach you about money…

Unless you’ve been hiding in an underground bunker with no access to humanity, you’ve likely been hearing ALL ABOUT ebola!! Now, it’s a serious virus. That’s for sure. Here’s what I find interesting though. And it’s an insight that can actually make you more money and drastically UP your chances of success in business and…

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Profit like the Sun?

Depending on where you live, if you can catch a nighttime sky on a clear night, you’ll see the stars decorating the sky like diamonds. They’re all incredible to look at. We try to find the constellations we know. Little Dipper. Big Dipper. Etc… Yet, there is a BIG DIFFERENCE from one star to another.…

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Businessman multitasking

Selling the dream, living the NIGHTMARE!

Some of the most WELL KNOWN gooroos out there… …The ones painting the dream life. The nice cars and homes. Working just a few hours a week. Basically being, in their own words, LAZY, yet living a life of luxury and making more $$ the lazier they get. Well, they’ve now come out and stated…

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Mark Cuban on YOU…

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Mark Cuban knows how to build profitable businesses and franchises. And there’s a LOT we can learn from him. Here’s one of the many “smart” things he has said: “You can fail 1,000 times at business, but if you succeed ONCE, you’re a success at business. The failures don’t matter.…

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Seeking minimum wage commissions?

Time for Lifestyle Business Pop Trivia!! Your answers will reveal if you’ve got the chops to make it in this business or not. Or, at the very minimum, you’ll greatly benefit from where I’m going here. Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re a salesman. And you’re paid solely on commissions. (And, you like the…

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Is this business STRESSFUL to you?

Is all this making money online jazz stressful for you at times? No shame in that! Usually though, the stress comes from lack of results. There’s an EASY remedy for that here: ==> < Click Here To Get Access to the MTTB System There’s also another big issue that often comes up. It’s a REEEAAALLY…

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Businesswoman telling secret to businessman

“SECRETS” to success…yea right

In this business, you hear a LOT about “secrets” and underground methods to achieving any type success. The truth is… It’s all about doing specific RIGHT things, and doing them the specific RIGHT way. This means you don’t need to know any coveted secret necessarily, but more of a KEY FORMULA is what you need.…

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Got Yoda?

One of the biggest things you need in this industry is steady support and mentoring. Yep. You need your personal YODA. Usually, this is hard to come by. It’ll either cost way too much… …Or, you’ll be “promised” support, but after they get your money, you can’t get ANY HELP at all!! Top Notch, INCREDIBLE…

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Pilot soars to $254,375.94 with MOBE!

People from ALL WALKS OF LIFE are crushing it with the MTTB System. This works so well because you can “plug in” to an already working business model. Most business plans online require you to start from scratch. This is HARD!!!! Why not just take the EASY WAY?? Take Terry Lamb for example: He’s already…

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