5 Ways To Get Your First Sale Online!

6 am. I wake up. Slip out of my covers. And in to the kitchen I go. If you’re like me, you can’t function without coffee. You fill your coffee maker with water, add the grounds, and the result is a piping hot and fresh cup of coffee to start your day with. Simple, step…

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SETH GODIN knowledge bomb

Seth Godin has written more books than you can shake a literary stick at. He’s launched more businesses and projects than you could count. In short, he’s somebody you want to follow, and to take great stock in what he says! Like his recent “feeling the heat” email. It’s short, but vewwwwwy powerful… Basically, he…

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tired businessman photo

TIRED of failing??

It takes a LOT of energy to get most projects off the ground. And certainly is this the case with “money-making” ventures. After it’s up and running, then you’ve got momentum on your side. Sort of like rolling a snowball down a hill. But for those first few critical moments, THE START… …IS TOUGH! Like…

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Marcos Maidana

Marketing tips from the Floyd Mayweather fight…

You may or may not be a fan of boxing. Either way however, there are some knockout (excuse the pun) marketing and business lessons in the world of sports for us all. Take the recent Mayweather VS. Maidana fight, held at the MGM Grand for the welterweight title. After 12 fairly intense rounds, Mayweather prevailed…

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Business Partners Helping Each Other

Are you NOBLE enough?

‘Hearts are the strongest when they beat in response to noble ideals.’ -Ralph Bunche A few years back, a big study was done in a salesforce to see what behaviors separated the top salespeople from the average ones. The study revealed something that nobody expected… The top performers all had a far more pronounced sense…

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Businessman on laptop and drinking coffee

Rituals – Do you need ‘em?

We ALL have daily rituals… The only thing is that most of ours are terrible ones!! A lot of the peeps I’ve helped to succeed in this business used to have rituals like this: Open computer. Check email. Check FB. Check email. Go to Skype. Read blog. Check email. Buy cheap product. Repeat… Then they…

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Selfish or Selfless? Depends…

People are selfish. You are. I am. Not always, but sometimes we just ARE!! And… it’s not always in a bad way either right? For us though, we need to know what side of the table we need to be on. If we’re BUYING, then sure, we need to be a bit more selfish. We…

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Testimonials Galore… Because this WORKS!!

John Chow has made over $1.1 million dollars in commissions… Shaqir Hussyin has pocketed over $800,000 thus far… Terry Lamb, over $250,000… Carolina Millan’s profited $243,633… Mike Morin brought in $6,023 in his first 30 days, and now is sitting on over $110,00 in profits!! The one thing all of these people, and countless others…

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The Most Important Sentence, EVER!

Hey, This one sentence has transformed lives. It’s made more 6-7 figure earners than you could count. It comes from the deepest study and research of persuasion and influence. It’s one of those sentences that you can read and re-read for hours… …And every time you do, your eyes are opened up just a little…

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Are You Selling Yourself Short?

People will do some odd and weird things these days, right?! Extreme even!!!! Fire-walkers (Research some difference countries that do this). People that will do strange, extreme things in order to meet their ‘dream’ mate. I’ve seen people that donate blood AS OFTEN as they possibly can just to get bill and food money. People…

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