Re: My Perfect Lifestyle = Tears and a trip to Lowes. Andrea Goodsaid explains..

Hey Guys,

Ever wondered about your lifestyle? Does your “work” allow you to spend time with the people that matters most to you?
See, I am asking these questions because of a heart warming email I received from my “mom” in the internet marketing side
of my life, Andrea Goodsaid.

Her email is below:

Sometimes it's the little things that take your breath
away and make living this amazing e-lifestyle really
take shape in the reality zone.
In fact it's usually the little things that make this 
lifestyle the most worth it for me.
Yesterday Claire died.
"Oh Morgan I think Claire has left us" I said 
as soon as I found her.
OMGosh the instant devastation that crossed her face 
... and the wailing....
But a totally impromptu trip to Lowes was the 
salve that soothed the sadness away.
I know .. I know ... say what??
It was heart breaking - the tears Morgan had were real 
and so heartfelt. She's such a deep kid - how was I
ever going to be able to console her?
I really wasn't sure. But I knew I was just glad to
be with her and be able to help her through her loss.
Before I tell you about Claire and our trip to Lowes
- let me tell you about Cinnamon.
See I had a first hamster once ... and I still remember 
clearly the day I found her dying. 
My brother and I were latch-key kids growing up in
NYC in the 70's ... my parents had divorced when I was 5
and we were basically on our own every day till about 
7pm when Mom would get home.
Then it was cook, spend an hour or so together,
head to bed and get up early to rinse and repeat.
So I had to call my mother at work.
In fact I remember spending a lot of time growing up on the 
phone with my Mom while she was at work.
Thank goodness she could take calls 'cause this was 
a biggie for me ... 
Cinnamon, my Brown Teddy Bear Hamster was dying. 
And she wasn't going peacefully - the way Claire did.
She was convulsing and obviously in pain and all 
I could do was cry on the phone to my Mom while 
we tried to think of ways to make her comfortable.
My fuzzy little friend... 
All she had was me and my younger brother. 
My Mom should have been able to leave work and 
come home. 
But she really couldn't.
Wasn't her fault - she was taking care of us the best she 
knew how and the way she knew how was as a graphic 
artist for a text book design company. 
It was hands on work she had to be there.
And every single day of my childhood she traded her time 
for money just to be able to live in a decent neighborhood 
(3 of us in a 1 bedroom apartment - in NYC location trumps 
size) and get us through to the next month.
It worked - I turned out okay 🙂
And I grew up basically happy and well-rounded.
But I'm sure that watching my Mom punch a time clock
affected my own path in life (I was a full time jeweler for
years before starting this Internet Marketing and
direct selling adventure... a different sort of time trading
but at least I always got to do things in my own time)
Anyway .. enough of that - back to Claire.
Claire died quietly in her cage overnight while she slept.
She was sleeping a lot by the end... and we'd been calling
her an old lady hamster for weeks 'cause she was rickety 
but still getting around doing her hamster thing.
So it wasn't a super surprise ... 
But when you're 10 these things matter a lot.
Morgan didn't have to be the one in charge.
And I wasn't off at some weekend craft show 
either - actually stopped doing those when she 
came along ... but that's another story.
The leverage that I've built into my life via learning
and implementing direct response marketing has
shifted our life 180 degrees from "regular folks"
Yesterday it was the littlest thing about it - that I could
up and change my schedule on a dime, stop and create 
a tiny casket and head to Lowes for a special paver 
'headstone' for a hamster.
(we had the BEST memory lane conversation about
death and the other pets we've loved and lost and how
we wouldn't trade having known them - even though
it hurts when they're gone - deep stuff like that)
And have my daughter hug me and say - "This trip ... YOU ...
really make me feel better Mom ... thanks."
THAT is the real prize inside.
I'm not trapped by a job with no leverage.
We can bury hamsters or take a long lunch or go on family 
vacations at the drop of a hat. Literally whenever we want.
You can design your life too.
Anyone can do this with a big enough desire.
But it's definitely easier (and way more fun) when you 
have some guidance.
[seriously - I think calling the Internet a jungle is an
On Thursday I'll be hosting a private event with
a mentor of mine who changed the literal course of
my whole vision for what was possible. 
His story is a "rise from the ashes" kind too.
Very inspiring.
And he's no kind of perfectionist when it comes to getting
things done. Which gave me a very "Hey! I can do what he's doing"
kind of feeling from the start.
If you want what we wanted (and continue to create more
of for ourselves daily) we'll have a special invitation and the 
perfect set of companion tools to get you there...
If this sounds like something you'd like for yourself.
I'll have more details ready to send out to you tomorrow.
So keep an eye out.
I'll not have an unlimited number of these packages 
to hand out.
So stay in the loop....
Better wrap this up.
The kids are chomping at the bit to get the egg hunt
started so I'd better scoot 🙂
Wishing You a Very Happy Easter,

This really touched me, not only because I have had my share of hamster and kitty burials in the past, but because
she has made it possible to be there when life’s moment like these happens. Internet marketing may be all about
business and can be downright technical, but in the end its all about “Ohana” the friends and family that does matter
in one’s life.

I’ve had my share of sacrifice. Not being out on parties or gallivanting like people my age would.
Flying thousands of miles away from my family for a better future. But it’s okay. See, I’ve recently just been tied
at 11th for a recent partner’s contest in My Online Business Empire’s community makes me optimistic about the choices
I make and the rewards that are ahead. I too shall find that perfect lifestyle soon.

This is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the direction you are taking in life and if you are reading this post,
then it’s never too late to change.


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