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Hi guys! I’ve been watching The Sorcerer’s Apprentice recently and it gave me a great idea for a personality development, mindset training post :)

I’ve learned something from this movie and I won’t go into the criticism of the film. Whether it be good or bad it doesn’t matter. Anyways, sometime during this film Balthazar teaches Dave a basic fighting spell, which is to create fire. He explained that matter is composed of molecules that are constantly vibrating to give the impression of solidity. To create fire, one must visualize these molecules vibrating even faster to create heat thus producing fire.

He used a 3-step Process:

1. Free Your Mind

2. See the molecules

3. Ignite!

The principles he used can be utilized for other stuff than creating fireballs :D You can use the knowledge taught by this master sorcerer of the 777th degree to magically achieve more. It is simply a matter of taking that process and modifying it to fit your goal or purpose.

So here is my 3-step Process:

1. Free Your Mind

Relax, empty the mind and thus the clearing of thoughts will make the next step even more powerful.

2. Visualize your goal.

Whatever it may be. Money, dream possessions, travel. Visualize that you have actually achieved that desires. Open that door to your dream house, Start the ignition of the dream car, Be amazed at the 8th wonders of the world as you are travelling. Make that as realistic as possible and remember to put yourself in the position that you have already achieved what you desire.

3. Receive

Much like Balthazar taught the young apprentice to ignite the flame, you must also be in the receiving mode. This final step is as important as the previous two steps. If you aren’t ready to receive or achieve that things that you want, it will be just like driving the things you want the most away from you. Don’t think it as farfetched. Don’t think that you don’t deserve it. You deserve it. The world doesn’t take away the things you desire from someone to give it to you. It creates them from an infinite supply of the Formless Substance.

This Formless Substance is the primary element that when shaped by our thoughts produces what we desire.

This my friends is our incantus. Our primary spell to greater heights..

Use it well. Share the Knowledge and Leave a comment :)

Yours in Mastery,

Tristan Azcona, The Internet Sorcerer ;)

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Hello my friends! I’m back with another quick post and I’m going to share with you my secret to passing the Nurse Licensure examinations that could be applied to ANY EXAM IN THE WORLD

I found and used this secret as I was reviewing for my Nurse Licensure examinations. Now that time, I haven’t read any success, or mindset training books. The books that were around me were nursing books, and review guides. I honestly didn’t know about Rhonda Byrnes, Napoleon Hill, John Maxwell, Stephen Covey, Robert Kiyosaki. Never encountered Jonathan Budd, Katie Freiling,  and even Bo Sanchez who is famous in my country (The Philippines – must visit guys!)

But WAAY WAAAAY before the exam I already considered myself an RN (Registered Nurse), and that the exam was a piece of cake:)

Guess what? Fast forward to the future

I am an RN..

and the exam?  Easy Breezy!

Believe in something so much that it is as though that which you desire is already in your life..

Once you have that feeling, keep it. It is difficult at first but as you persist, you will get used to it and then it becomes second nature :)

Start doing it NOW..

Here’s my technique:

Each time I had to write my name, I always added “STBRN” to it..

What the heck is “STBRN”?

It is..

Soon To Be Registered Nurse”

I never thought of failure, just that it is a matter of time before I join the ranks of registered nurses.. Create your own variation or use mine.. As long as you believe in it 999%, It’ll happen.

And its not just for the Board exam, You can modify it to get anything in life :)

Seriously, Really powerful stuff I stumbled upon..

Genius (maybe), Serendipity (perhaps), but the fact of the matter is..

I found it..

and used it..

and IT WORKS..

Here’s to YOUR Success!

Tristan Azcona


I  again used this SECRET with some variation to raise $24,000 to fund and get me to London.

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My Apologies

Posted By on Jul 1, 2010

I’m really REALLY Sorry for not updating for quite a period of time.. Been busy with my Transcultural Nursing essay and I was moving to another place, didn’t have mobile internet at the time but I’m going to have my home broadband up on the 7th. I was so busy busy busy that I wasn’t able to make a post for QUITE A long Period of time.. And I know the bots of google have punished me.. LoL, Always keep a blog active else lose going up search engine ranks..

These aren’t excuses that is why I am sincerely apologizing because in that span of time, I haven’t been sharing and giving value to you guys.. And it really did make me feel like crap. I honestly STAGNATE when I don’t share something..
So the Lesson for today is:

Give loads of Value to the community and be consistent in doing so..

Honestly, making posts you believe are valuable is difficult. It really is. But the beauty of it is  that when you keep on doing something repeatedly, and everyday. It becomes easy.

This is what separates the PRO’s from the Wannabe’s..

..DILIGENT Practice..

So if there’s anything you’d like to be a MASTER of, then the first thing to do is START doing it..

Stop looking for the PERFECT TIME, because the PERFECT Time is always NOW..

The results may not be a masterpiece at first, but that’s okay.. Keep your head up. Be proud.. The first step is the hardest.

Second thing to do is to KEEP DOING IT (learning from the mistakes of the first of course :) )

Hone those skills, sharpen it that it will later on have great amount of PRECISION..

To Your Continued Success!

Tristan Azcona

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There is a disease affecting millions of people in the planet. In fact, it is so widespread that people don’t even know that they are already infected. Said disease so incredibly complex that the host just adapts and proceeds day to day life not knowing.

To know if you’re infected, take this simple assessment:

1. Do you always complain? (About anything and everything)

2. Are you anxious?

3. Do you constantly find yourself wishing to have a better life?

4. Do you always regret the decisions you’ve made so far?

5. When someone share to you an idea, do you dismiss it?

6. Does your reading / viewing consist mostly of celebrity gossip and “dream on” books and shows?

7. Do you rely on the lottery to give you that “BIG BREAK”?

If you’ve answered YES to most if not all these questions, then you are indeed infected..


You’re not going to die anytime soon..

Its not like AH1N1, Bird Flu, or whatever flu.. Your limbs are not going to suddenly come of like in leprosy. But this disease is so contagious that not even the world’s health organizations can contain it. In fact, it’s too late. It’s a PANDEMIC.

Are you starting to have an idea what this disease is? Good! Because the cure to said disease is KNOWLEDGE.. Yes, the awareness of having said disease is the cure. For those who don’t know. The disease I’m talking about is PESSIMISM.

Merriam-Webster defines Pessimism as:

Etymology: French pessimisme, from Latin pessimus meaning worst —
Date: 1815

1 : an inclination to emphasize adverse aspects, conditions, and possibilities or to expect the worst possible outcome
2 a : the doctrine that reality is essentially evil b : the doctrine that evil overbalances happiness in life

It emphasizes on the WORST POSSIBLE outcome. That evil is greater than happiness in life. Now why did I call it a disease? Because it affects the normal functioning of an individual with distinct signs and symptoms (above) and it is a harmful development (I got these criteria from the dictionary).

Now, like I’ve said, the cure is Knowledge. How? Because, awareness essentially gets one to take action. That’s the only way to overcome this affliction.

Optimism, Positivity leads to happiness.. Happiness is the feeling that we want to cherish and grow. When you are happy then happy things come to you. If something does go wrong, let it go.. Its your choice.

If you desire great things to happen to you then start taking action.

Waiting for the PERFECT time? There is no better time than NOW

What is stopping you? Hold it, the answer to that question is just an excuse..

When you learn to let go and be free, then great things will come. The chains that bind you shall be broken and that will release the unlimited potential that is within YOU. It doesn’t matter if your 5, 55, or 105.. That power is there..


Do you want to be rich? Everything you need to be rich can be found WITHIN YOU..

Want to be an expert? You have been doing something for months and years, share that! You’re an expert in that..

Everybody has something to share and everyone has the capacity to receive..

So get out there and START Living! Break those chains.. The only one stopping YOU is YOU..

Success starts within oneself, when you feel successful, everything else shall follow…

To your success,

Tristan Azcona

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